Showroom Management

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The goal is to develop together. I look for sustainable values ​​and a collective that develops together for a same ideal.

Giving is forever. We have one life to live so live your life to have no regrets.

Majoring in tourism, hotel and restaurant management has helped me for many years working in Thien Thi An JSC. Customer contact and take care customer are my strengths.

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Sander(a person smooth or polish surfaces) - 3 months

Thien Thi An Factory: responsible for sanding the product until it is completed and transferred to the painting team.

Inventory management - 6 months

Thien Thi An Factory: responsible for import, export, statistics and inventory management at Thien Thi An JSC factory for 6 months.

Showroom Assistant - 3 months

Responsible for arranging and displaying products in the showroom. Packaging and delivery support.

Showroom Receptionist - 6 months

Welcoming customers to the showroom, introduce and give products quotation that suit the customer’s desired.

Packaging and Delivery - 1 year

Mainly responsible for packaging products, finding shipping partners and tracking until the product reaches the customer.

Online Working

Consulting and quoting customers via website and fanpage. Take care of the company’s website and Facebook fanpage: post articles and products.

Showroom Management

Responsible for all stages in Thien Thi An showroom, online customers caring and maintain links with factory to ensure supply and track progress of orders.


Responsible for distributing fast-moving consumer products: unif instant noodles in District 6, Ho Chi Minh City.

Take care customers and search for new customers in the assigned area.

TCS Warehouse

Support documents and taking goods
from the Tan Son Nhat Cargo Services Joint Stock Company(TCS).

Delivery Staff

Responsible for classifying and distributing company goods to customers.


Handling problems that arise after delivery: answering questions, redelivering goods, providing solutions for damaged goods.


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